Day 6 ~ “I’m putting you on a bus!” Nelson ~ ferry ride across Kootenay Lake ~ then down to Creston

Nelson to Creston

We rode two hours along the narrow, hilly Nelson Nelway Highway beside the Kootenay River to Balfour to catch the ferry ride across Kootenay Lake. The homes and cottages here were beautiful as they hung along the waters edge. The weather was so changeable today. Cooler temperatures, were followed by rain on and off, then hot patches of air, swirling winds behind, then head on. There was a storm brewing ahead on the horizon as the thunder rumbled around the mountains . . . . . and it was hovered right over Creston, where we were planning to camp for the night.

I had a difficult day today, with the changing weather and overall exhaustion, every part of my body was sore and I was worn out. “When we get to Creston, we are going to the bus station, I’m putting you on a bus!” Doug sternly told me. Thankfully there wasn’t a great deal of elevation change on the second half of our ride today. We followed the Kootenai River, as it meandered down the wide valley/flood plain. It was so scenic and reminded me of the Holland Marsh back home, with the various crops growing on the flat-lands.

When we arrived in town, the rain was just beginning, the storm was ready to unleash it’s anger. We ducked inside a bar for supper hoping the storm would be over when we were finished eating. Thankfully, it was! We found a campground close to town just down the road from the Kokanee Brewery. The Kootenay mountains on the label are seen far off in the distance ~ pretty neat! The “Glacier Fresh” slogan for the beer comes from using glacier mountain stream water in its brewing.

Once camp was set up, Ryan and Doug went to shower up. I didn’t have the energy to shower. I got out of my damp riding gear, curled up in my sleeping bag, drew the drawstring closed around my head, turned toward the tent wall and wept. I was worn out and there was no bus leaving town.

Kootenay Ferry Schedule


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