Day 77 ~ Bell Island Mine + Pippy Park, St. John’s

Distance ~  24 km.    Winds ~ 5 km/h
Temperature ~ 22 – 30c       sunny, hot, humid
Wednesday, July 30, 2014

From 1895 to 1966, 78 million tons of ore was shipped from Bell Island, the world’s largest Submarine Iron Ore Mine. Only 10 square miles was mined of the 70 that is here. The model of themine showed the underground layout of the mine. It was interesting to see how riddled with tunnels it is under this island. The mine was deep and went 2 -3 miles at a 10 degree angle right under Conception Bay. Shovelers had to load a minimum of 1.8 tons each 10 hour shift for only 12.5 cents an hour. During early operations horses were used to pull the ore cars up to the surface. The lived underground for periods of time in stables, some worked for 16 years.

After the tour we checked out the island, held on our brakes down the steep incline back to the ferry, rode into St. John’s and set up base camp at Pippy Park campground.







2 thoughts on “Day 77 ~ Bell Island Mine + Pippy Park, St. John’s

  1. Barbara says:

    I am loving your Newfoundland posts! What an incredible province. Of course I’ve enjoyed reading all your posts and living vicariously through your trip!

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