70.3 REV3 With DEB 2012 ~ Are You Crazy?

1.2 mile run ~ 56 mile bike ~ 13.1 mile run

REV3 venu

Training with TryForce, helped me to gain confidence in my abilities. I didn’t want to race personally, I enjoyed the camaraderie, workouts and support everyone had for one another within the group. Doug enjoyed racing, I loved supporting!

Half way through the summer one hot TryForce Brick workout in the short hills, I turned to Deb and said, “Doug is doing the  REV3 140.6 at Cedar Point in four weeks, how about we sign up for the half REV3 70.3, would you be interested in doing it with me, we will stick together to finish it?”

“ARE YOU CRAZY?” was her reply. A few steps later, she agreed. We would attempt this ridiculous challenge together. WE DID IT!! What a great feeling to complete this race . . . . together! 

DEB, are you loving this colour of text?




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