Aktiv Racing Team ~ swim, bike, run = fun!

Aktiv Fall Trail Race # 2  2013 004

Barb and Wolf Guembel head up the Aktiv Team, they provide the training calendar and daily work outs to train as a group to guide athletes, (from beginners to pros) to achieve their racing goals in swimming, cycling, running and triathlon races.

We’ve learned about and practiced:

  • proper swimming, biking, and running techniques
  • trained using lactate threshold, heart rate zones and nutrition requirements for endurance activities
  • how to benefit from “the power meter” on the bike
  • specific camps and clinics are available

Getting together to share group achievements or just the season, celebrating the end of another set of “build weeks” of training, setting up great series races in unique locations, and encouraging one and all no matter what your abilities are ~ are all reasons . . . . . why I love this group! And, laughter is always part of the plan!

Check out these links below.

Aktiv Swim Series Now Open ~ Start June 1

Aktiv’s Series for 2014


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