JULY 2011 ~ “If I think you are ready . . . . you can come.” The challenge was on!

Vancouver to Calgary, Tackling the Rockies ~ 1200 km/10 days . . . . no room for rest days. Doug and Ryan were planning this trip together for the start of July. I was so determined to join them for this trip! I bought a book on how to train for long distance bike rides and started training through the winter months at the gym with Theresa. There were some long, long rides in the gym!

Marie dropped the three of us off at the Calgary airport. We flew in to Vancouver, unpacked our bikes, reassembled them in the airport (well ~ Doug and Ryan did, I gathered up the garbage from packing and checked out the native totem carvings) and off we went.

Our daily goal was 120 km/day. Our first day was so very long as we had been up so early to catch our flight. It was close to noon by the time the bikes and trailers were reassembled and we struggled to get out of Vancouver, as we couldn’t seem to find the right bridge to cross. By the end of our first day, I was worn out! One day down, nine to go.

Vancouver Airport to Mission

Vancouver Airport to Mission