“I Was Thinking Why Don’t We Buy A One Way Ticket to Calgary to Visit Ryan and Marie, Then Bike Home?”


Really, are you serious? I’ll need a map of Canada first, to think about it.” I hesitated for a short time, then . . . . our planning began.

Reading and researching bike blogs and checking out the Biking Across Canada web site, which is full of invaluable information, was a nightly activity through March. I requested maps of all the provinces we’d be riding through from Alberta to Newfoundland (~ thanks, Amanda and Janet!) We began making lists and lists of camping equipment and clothing needed. We made appointments to update our wills, have our yearly dentist and¬†doctor check ups, have blood work done and listed the numerous jobs to done at home ~¬† to close up the house until we return. Where ever we went we talked about the trek and added more to the lists. Then we figured out what we had and what we needed to purchase ~ that meant making more lists.

The month of April was spent slowly checking off our lists . . . .what needed to be done, what needed to be purchased or what needed to be packed. May 1st, John drove us to the airport and we boarded the plane with the one way tickets, our bikes packed in boxes and our trailers dismantled and packed with our biking and camping gear. Ready for the “BIG RIDE!” But first, two weeks of visiting with our boys and Marie!